Custom IT solutions

Our systems have made your business easier for 21 years. Together for you.

The way we work

We think about your assignment as if we were sitting in your company, picking up your specific needs with professional foresight. What if? Only such solutions, with every detail in mind, work reliably. We can modify ready-made solutions for you or develop a an entirely new product. After delivery, we can to manage and improve the system to best suit your current needs.

Demand, analysis and calculation


Coding and testing


Implementation and training


Service and maintenance


Why us

We can make any system work

Umíme jakýkoliv systém

Thanks to more than twenty years of experience in the field of information systems development, we can develop almost any system that works with a relational database.

We know how to optimize your work

We know how to optimize your work

Our information systems are designed to be as simple as possible to operate and maintain. You will have all the data together, and you will be able to sleep peacefully.

We are partners, not just suppliers

We are partners, not just suppliers

It does not end for us with the delivery of the system. We can manage and innovate the system for you based on your current needs. As you grow, so does our software solution.

We're people, so we talk to you as such

We're people, so we talk to you as such

We will not talk to you in IT jargon. We will clearly and comprehensibly design and explain the solution based on your needs. Our goal is to understand each other. We are not machines, we are humans.


We have implemented over 500 IT solutions for Czech and foreign clients. Our customers include industrial companies, the army, hospitals, office buildings, government, schools and car manufacturers. Our information systems serve more than 100,000 people a day.