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Scania / 2000–2013

From a small application to an international solution. Originally, the system served as a replacement for fax communication between service centres, the importer, and the factory. The solution registered service activities and spare parts used in car repairs. The system also allowed access to employees of the contractual insurance company, who performed the approval of payments for service work. According to the customer, the main benefit was a significant reduction in errors and increased work efficiency. The system was used within the territory of 3 countries. After 12 years, it was replaced by a single pan-European solution from a global supplier. Even then, however, our work did not end, and we supplemented this central solution with unique functions that were in our original solution.



Scania / 2005-2013

The solution included the management of post-warranty contracts with customers. The system registered different types of contracts with different conditions. It also contained the preparatory phase of contracts and the possibility of their subsequent print using templates. The system also notified in advance of the nearing end of the contractual relationship and enabled its renewal. Finally, it became an information source for the OPAS system, which verified the validity of the contract for repairs falling under the contract.


Since 2020

Relating to the legislative changes in Slovakia, which had the intention to prevent manipulation with logged mileage, our customer had to connect his service system running at 6 branches to a new nationwide system for recording repairs and mileage in a very short time. Thanks to the modifications in the service system, we ensured the recording of relevant data, which are being sent to a central server using the SOAP technology. The solution also includes a process for alerting users of problems. Technological problems are sent to the company helpdesk, and data problems are forwarded by e-mail to the person responsible for the given service case.



Scania / since 2008

Project designed to optimize service work. The system assigns work to individual technicians and checks the work performed regarding defined times. The system monitors the KPI (key performance indicator). Current and historical data (updated every minute) are clearly presented in graphical form. In the first phase, the system was built on PHP technology and operated in 30 service centres in 3 countries. The second phase of development included the transition to ASP.NET technology, data collection was significantly optimized and is currently utilized in 95 service centres in 9 European countries.



One of our first projects implemented in 1999. We were approached by a customer from the USA to see if we could help him set up a small e-store. The customer had a database of pictures and offered the opportunity to buy a T-shirt or poster according to the selected colour, print and size. We used PHP technology for this project. The customer was satisfied, which is why we expanded the system. The system was in operation for over two years, after which the customer terminated his business.


Zubejda – order management

Od 2002

A simple order management system for a dental laboratory for orders from dentists. The system registers the sender of the order, assigns the work to the relevant employee, and then prepares the basis for monthly invoicing of work to individual ordering dentists. The system was successfully implemented within one week and has been in operation for 18 years, with occasional service in the form of reinstallation on a new computer.

Evioo – waste management

ADBA / Since 2012

This app was created in about a month. The customer needed to register all waste to create mandatory reports as required by the Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic. Over time, we have modified the solution so that we can manage the database in our virtual space, thanks to which the customer has the opportunity to connect to the system remotely from anywhere.

Správa skladů zdravotního materiálu

Hospital material warehouse management


A project that allows you to manage an item offer catalogue for individual departments of 2 hospitals, from which staff place orders. Based on these orders, orders for suppliers are automatically generated. When the goods are delivered to the warehouse, the system informs that the goods are ready for collection. At the end of the month, the system generates a notification for individual departments with a breakdown of all goods taken and an overview of volumes delivered by individual suppliers.

Assets management

Scania / Od 2013

This application was prepared primarily for hardware and software records. It allows you to record items by date of acquisition and the person who was assigned. Acquisition documents are available for each asset. A QR code is printed for each item, which is scanned using a mobile phone to display information about the asset. The application is operated in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary.

SCANIA_Správa majetku
SCANIA_Správa telefonů, SIMek a nákladů

Management of phones, SIM cards and overall expenses

Scania / Od 2012

Due to the large number of company phones and SIM cards, the customer decided that keeping records in Excel is no longer the right thing to do. The application allows you to monitor the phone from its purchase to ecological disposal. The system records which employee has which phone and which SIM card. In this way, it is possible to find out, for example, the owners of the oldest phones, and thus candidates for the allocation of new ones. The application also allows you to import monthly breakdowns of call costs with a resolution at the rate level (domestic, foreign, data transfer, etc.). The system communicates with the accounting system. The application is operated in 3 EU countries.



Implementation of an e-store with the optional SMS micropayments. An interesting feature of this project was the transition and implementation from the original to the new system. We planned and prepared everything in advance to complete the transition and conversion of data into new structures within 15 minutes. In the following period, the daily number of visits increased to 10,000 unique IP addresses. The system ran without downtime, and only with our supervision and minor service in the form of cooperation with the Czech Police in finding stolen bicycles. Unfortunately, after a few years, the owner changed, so the service was passed on to another provider.


OBELIX Catering system

Od 2000

A comprehensive modular solution covering all the needs of public catering operations. We have implemented a total of 408 installations of the OBELIX system. Satisfied customers include ČEZ, Městská poliklinika Praha, CommScope, Synthos Kralupy, Danzer, Brose, TPCA, Nemocnice Kladno, Sklárny Sázava, Pražská plynárenská, Viscofan, Krajská zdravotní, ZŠ Třeboň, Elektrárna Chvaletice, Škoda Auto, Spolana, SAS, Ferona, Faurecia, LOM, Continental Barum, Bulovka Hospital and more.