Catering systems

The modular system enables implementation both in small-scale set-ups, and large operations spread over multiple locations in the Czech Republic.

OBELIX Catering system

For small and large companies

Easy maintenance

System interconnection

Technical specificartion

OBELIX system modules

1. Cash register
All operations related to food sale, additional services and the sale of cafeteria goods, for diners paying both in cash and with an identification (chip / magnetic) card.
2. Orders and issue
Touch screen or an intranet application. Selection of meal types (breakfast, lunch, etc.), the number of courses (soup, main course, salad, etc.) and the number of products in the course (meal 1, meal 2, etc.).
3. Admin
Used for central management of all dials and settings for other applications.
4. Stock
It covers the needs of both small operations without the kitchen (dispensing) with just one warehouse, and large operations with several stock-keeping segments (for example, one kitchen warehouse, chef's pantry, multiple separate warehouses for cafeterias).
5. Meal standardization
Based on the production plan, it allows you to create instructions for the food preparation (for chefs) and for item take-out from individual warehouses.
6. Special diet orders
Dietary requirement management for hospital patients. Allows you to record preliminary and final orders. Orders are registered at the level of the hospital kitchenettes (not individual patients). Connected to Standardization and Warehouse modules.

The OBELIX system services
more than 100,000 people a day

We have implemented a total of 408 installations of the OBELIX system. Our customers include small and large companies, such as Aramark, ČEZ, Na Bulovce Hospital, Pražská plynárenská and others. The size of installations ranges from small (100 diners) to large (6000 diners in one location), or distributed (25,000 diners eating at 15 canteens and 35 canteens in three cities without limitation to a specific canteen).

Number of installations by industry

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Detailed description of the product can be found in the catalogue [PDF]

Is the basic set up not enough for you? We will adjust the system according to your needs